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This calculator can be used to help determine the correct layout for quilting pantograph patterns on the quilt top based on the size of the quilt and pattern.

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    The Pattern Spacing Calculator will space pantograph patterns evenly over the length of the quilt and ensure that whole patterns are quilted at the end of the quilt. In order to calculate the spacing, the following information must be entered. Hover on or tap the to get field help.

    It is very important to measure everything accurately as even small errors will add up very quickly.

    Once you are happy with the number of rows to be quilted and the space between the rows, press the generate table button. A table showing the starting point for each row will be displayed. The starting point of each row must be marked on the quilt before mounting since slight stretching may occur when the quilt is loaded or during the quilting process. Lay the quilt flat on the floor and using a measuring tape, mark the edge of the quilt with your favorite marking method (I use safety pins). Make sure you mark the side of the quilt that you will be quilting first. That is since you are marking the STARTING point for quilting each row, there will now be a top and bottom of the quilt for quilting purposes. The top of the quilt is the end that will be quilted first.

Common Fractions
1/8" .125
1/4" .25
3/8" .375
1/2" .5
5/8" .625
3/4" .75
7/8" .875
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